Chocolate Dipped Strawberries: Recipe 12 of 12

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So today is the last official day of the Busy Women Mealtime Makeover. You didn't get a chance to participate? No worries. We'll party again. In the meantime, let's celebrate with some chocolate dipped strawberries. Keep reading my dear. Check out Angela's recipe.

Last year, I had the pleasure to counsel a group of fantastic aspiring health coaches. Angela was one of my star students. Angela's journey to health and nutrition started in Montana when she became an apprentice to an herbalist. She focused on digestive health, woman's health, local and native foods and plant medicine. Her interests in native plants lead her to getting a degree in horticulture. Since then she has worked as a grower, landscaper, restorationist and in sales. Now as a mother of two, an active gardener, and Holistic Health Coach she is excited to share her knowledge with other woman and mothers to help them live a happier healthier life.

So Angela, you are busy, right? How has improving your eating habits affected your life?

I feel better, ditch the guilt, and have more energy.

Why is eating healthy a priority for you?

I believe you are what you eat, plus I feel sooooo much better and enjoy the creative process of preparing real food.

As a busy women, how do you get healthy meals on the table?

Three words: plan, improvise and simplify.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


1 container of fresh organic strawberries (leave the tops on) **

4 squares of organic dark chocolate (adjust as needed depending on size of strawberries)


1. Clean and pat dry strawberries.

2. In a double boiler melt chocolate.

3. Hold onto the green tops of the strawberries and dip into chocolate.

4. Place strawberries on wax paper and cool.


Note: If you don’t have a double boiler you can microwave or improvise, I used a ceramic bowl that fit perfectly on the pot I was using.

** Buy organic strawberries if you can. They are on the dirty dozen list my dears.

Thanks Angela for this amazing recipe. 

Visit Angela here.

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