Healthy Kid Friendly Spaghetti Shells


We love pasta in our house and I try to kick up the nutrition by making Healthy Kid Friendly Spaghetti Shells at least once a week. Spaghetti and my grandma's Spanish Rice make it on meal plan pretty much weekly. Growing up, we had my mom's spaghetti and meatballs at least once a week. My mom always made a big pot of homemade sauce that would last a few meals. I have vivid memories of her Read the full post >>>

Quick and Easy Kale and Feta Pasta

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Quick and Easy Kale and Feta Pasta kinda happened by accident but the whole family loved it - even the kiddos. We usually have pasta one night a week and the health coach that I am, I am always looking for ways to get more veggies in my girls - and hubby. We are obsessed with brown rice pasta. We are not 100% gluten free but I try to find ways to reduce wheat around here because we all feel better Read the full post >>>

Green Monster Burgers

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Once you make these Green Monster Burgers you will never go back to regular burgers again. Oh, and then make some Blueberry Cobbler for dessert. Are you worried that your kiddos are not getting enough veggies in their diet? Worry no more. Print Green Monster Burgers Author: Betsy at BMoore Healthy Recipe type: Dinner Cuisine: American Prep time:  10 mins Cook Read the full post >>>

Meal Planning 101 – 5 Day Program to get your meals in order!

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You can find any recipe you want on the web, especially on Pinterest! However, how do you know if it's a healthy, tasty, affordable and downright worthy-of-your-time recipe? It can be so overwhelming. Let me help. You can totally cook. You just need amazing, easy, affordable recipes right at your fingertips! Let me guess. You spend hours each week on the internet searching for recipes? You Read the full post >>>

Healthy Recipes Roundup – 21 Healthy Family Recipes (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)


This is my first recipe roundup on my blog and I am thrilled! I am so excited to team up with Jennifer from Simple Hacks Living to bring you a roundup of some great family meal recipes we have found this week! My goal is to do a Healthy Recipes Roundup every week. Don't forget to pin these pics.   Is one of your New Year resolutions to eat healthier? It is hard to change your diet! Add Read the full post >>>

Taking a leap and an easy weekday dinner recipe.


I have been asked to cook for a local family. Yes, can you say "Dream Job!" I am so excited. Every week, I am going to spend an entire day at their home and cook them all their meals for the week. Have I done this before? Nope. Did I go to the culinary? Nope. Do I love to cook? Oh yes. I also love to challenge myself and try something new. I am going for it. It is so easy to get stuck in a Read the full post >>>

Slow Cooked Tomato Pepper Chicken

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Life is unpredictable. With two kids, it is really unpredictable. I may have the best intentions for the day, but Madilyn may have a bad day and throw a fit or Juliana may bump her head as she is learning to walk and require more cuddle time. I love having a plan for the day. I love waking up and knowing what the three of us girls are going to do all day until daddy comes home around dinner Read the full post >>>

I’ll never be the same again… and that’s OK.


Sleep training. Oh, sleep training. That is what is consuming my thoughts, my brain, my week, my life these days. I have read every book out there. I have read message boards on the web, I have asked my friends for advice, I have called the pediatrician... how does one get an almost 5 month old to sleep in her crib? Follow your gut. Get support (THANK YOU Melissa!). Trust what your heart is Read the full post >>>

Own where you are and work it, girl.


The weather stinks. I am usually covered in baby puke. I desperately need a hair cut. Yes, I have the baby blues. I am getting better but I know it is still there. I know I am blessed. Both of my girls are cute as heck and healthy. Healthy... thank goodness. I think this actually makes me feel even more guilty. Why am I so damn sad all day long when I should be happy and having fun? One word Read the full post >>>

Cold Quinoa Salad when it’s SO. DAMN. HOT.


When I was pregnant with Madilyn I don't remember being SO. DAMN. HOT. No, I am not talking about being good looking. I might have a little bit of a pregnancy glow but I think it is mostly sweat because I am SO. DAMN. HOT. Pregnant in August is what I imagine menopause to be like. Hot. Lightheaded as soon as I walk outside. Finding excuses to stay inside in the air conditioner. Telling my Read the full post >>>