Around the Web Wednesday – 5.11.2011

Wow, what a beautiful week. I am so thankful that I got some much needed time outside for some much needed Vitamin D. Of course, I had some time to find you some cool links!  Check them out.
– Do you remember your first kiss? This video is absolutely precious.
– Guess who else is passionate about sustainable food? Prince Charles. Go on with your bad self Prince!
– Yes, my mouth is watering as I read this. Cucumber Peanut Salad. So simple. So delicious.
– Do you eat a lot of tilapia? A recent article by the New York Times has me reconsider.
– Thin people enjoy their food. Thin people do what works. Check out what else thin people do.
– Wait a minute. Conventional farmers won’t eat their own food? Find out why.
Got a great link to share? Leave it in the comments.
Oh, before I go, make sure you check out my first blog giveaway. Yeah baby!

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