Around the Web Wednesday – 5.25.2011

Happy Wednesday to you! Check out my favorite links I came across this week. Enjoy!
– Everyday, when Brian comes home from work he asks me how my day was. I don’t think he truly understands what it is like to be a stay at home momma to a 17 month old. Showing him this article helped him understand. So funny!
– Think fast food is cheaper than healthy food? Think again.
– This amazing graphic easily depicts how our current health woes have developed over the last few decades. Check it out for yourself.
– Why didn’t I know about this store when I was preggers? Cutest maternity clothes ever.
– I am a sucker for cute stories about animals. This one is so adorable.
– Don’t read this one to your kiddos. This book is for mommy and daddy only. Some nights I wanted to say these things…
– Exploding watermelons? WTF? Maybe we should just leave our food alone.
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