Around the Web Wednesday – 6.15.2011

Can you believe it is already mid-June? Where does the time go my friends? This week I am recovering from my sister’s bachelorette party but I did come across some awesome links I wanted to share. Enjoy!
– An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Not if they are covered in pesticides. Apples top list of produce that is contaminated.
– Afraid of trying kale? Could you have kalephobia?
– I don’t have an iPhone yet but this app looks pretty damn cool.
– New research linking allergies to dehydration. Interesting.
– Pittsburgh is ranked #17 in the list of healthiest cities. Not too shabby.
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  1. All of these links are great, but I especially enjoyed the article about the connection between allergies and hydration. I actually had done some reading on the connection between various diseases and hydration recently for a school assignment – the impact of water on how we feel is pretty incredible! Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Absolutely Penina! It really is amazing how much better I feel drinking more water. My menstrual cramps are better, my skin and hair look better, etc. Pretty amazing!

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