Big Lots, bargains and even a little blood.

It all started with dish towels. Yep, I admit it. I use Halloween and Christmas towels in June. If they are clean, they work just fine for me. My mom cracks me up. For the last few weeks, she has been commenting about these damn towels. “Next time you are at Target, pick up a couple new towels.” “I brought this towel upstairs. It looks better than the ones in your kitchen.” Yep, the towels I wash my dog with are better than my kitchen towels. On Friday, we were doing some running around and ran into Big Lots. #1 item on my mom’s list: new dish towels for Betsy.
I haven’t been to Big Lots since Christmas when I ran in for some tissue paper and tape for gifts, I believe. To my amazement, there are some stinkin awesome deals there. I saw a big bag of Bob’s Red Mill quinoa for like $4. At Whole Foods, this will probably run you like $13. I picked up some Bob Red Mill soup mix and some pancake mix as well as some organic green beans… and of course some awesome new dish towels. Best damn towels I have ever seen.  I know, I am a smart ass.

While we are looking at these awesome deals, Madilyn is enjoying a new Hannah Montana toy cell phone. The next thing I hear is her screaming at the top of her lungs. Somehow she managed to pinch her top lip with the hinge on the phone and is bleeding profusely. “Nona,” my mom, grabs one of the new towels from the cart and sops up the blood. Good thing we had the towels in the cart, huh?

So what is the moral of my story?
1. You can find some kick ass deals at random places like Big Lots.
2. Always listen to your mama. She really does know best. When she says you need new dish towels she is right.
3. Consider having new towels in your cart while shopping. Never know when you might need one.
Where do you find awesome deals?
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  1. That was so funny. I do not like that store,but force myself in for just such deals!!! They always have them, even chocolate sometimes, yum.

  2. Towels look so much better…they just make me feel that weird? Poor little Madi, I couldn’t believe she was bleeding, those towels were handy!

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