Giveaway from one of the best Boutiques in Pittsburgh

I am so excited about this giveaway from one of the best Boutiques in Pittsburgh because I love to shop! I love to support small businesses in Pittsburgh when I can and I think that shopping and exploring our surroundings can be a healthy outlet for us busy and stressed moms.

Shopping can get a little dangerous for our budget but I guess we can say it is healthier to be addicted to shopping and finding deals than eating bags of chocolate chip cookies late at night! We all have our vices, right? I could easily go to Marshall’s or Target to buy gifts, household items and decorations or I could check out a cool small store in Pittsburgh like Picket Fence. I try to shop local when I can. Picket Fence has an online store as well as a boutique located in Shadyside.
When I checked out their website, I immediately noticed their Pittsburgh merchandise and I had to have this shirt and stationary. Love!

One of the healthiest things to do when the weather gets nice is to get outside and walk and explore your surroundings! I love to do this on Sundays because it is the only day of the week that my husband is off from work and it encourages movement and exercise for the entire family, even the kids!  I have been reading a lot about the benefits of just walking. Yes, maybe we don’t need to get to the gym everyday and max ourselves out. Maybe it all comes down to just moving all day long! I have been reading Harley Pasternak’s book, “The Body Reset Diet” and he says that it is not what we do in the gym that matters the most, it is what we do outside the gym the rest of the day that really makes a difference to our weight and health. Interesting read! Check it out.

I hope this post encourages you to get outside and walk and explore your city! If you are walking around Shadyside in Pittsburgh make sure you check out Picket Fence. Adorable store. I love those days when the girls and I have the entire day to walk around and explore. Such fun memories!

So, I wanted to give one of my readers a $50 gift card to shop at Picket Fence online! To enter, please leave a comment below. In your comment, tell me what you would love to order at Picket Fence online. They have the most adorable clothes for baby, kids and women. They also have some amazing home goods. I pretty much wanted to buy everything off of their website! If you want to increase your chances in winning, please like Picket Fence on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. You can find them on Instagram as well. Leave another comment letting me know how you connecting with them on social media. I will pick a winner on Friday, March 31st based on the most creative comment. Good luck!
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  1. What a fun giveaway! The whole boutique is cute, but I’d have to go with my alma mater (and employer!) with the Hail to Pitt shirt! Love the vintage look of it.

  2. I’m so excited to learn of another cute, local boutique! I’m kind of loving their faded blue sweatshirt for times when I want to be comfortable but not look like total slob (my usual, go-to look haha). Since you know I love the Burgh, I’ll definitely be following them on Instagram too!

  3. Betsy – super cute shirt! I just “liked” The Picket Fence on facebook. I need to check this place out next time I am home!

  4. would love to win and spend on me! lol once I had kids I don’t ever spend money on me, I debate underwear from Target for myself but buy them MJ for every season! Love to win and not get any mommy guilt from the purchase!

  5. I would definitely spend some big change at this store! First on my list??? The Duck Paper placemats!!! Love! Also , the Avery dress for a special little girl who has yet to arrive!!!

  6. Betsy!!! What would I buy? Hmmmm… Let’s see…the doodle placemats would be amazing to possibly give me 5 minutes of peace during a meal or the Happy Daze tutu skirt for baby girl – ADORABLE!!!! But this hot mess of a mama could really put that French terry top to good use (thanks to my current mama middle) or perhaps the Alize dress!!!! A girl can dream….

  7. You know I love a good boutique! I connected with them on FB. After perusing…the faded blue sweatshirt has my name all over it! The Indian Summer Dress had me swooning for the girls, but it was out of my price range. We need to grab a coffee and head out there!

  8. I am completely loving that Be Classy in Versailles bag! I’ve been on the hunt for a new travel carryon bag that is both stylish & functional – but I’ve come to think that this elusive combo doesn’t exist — until Picket Fence Boutique that is! This looks large enough to hold my laptop for blogging on the go and have room for a chargers, a few travel mags & snacks (only healthy ones though of course, Betsy!) And bonus — it looks like the sides unzip to expand larger so when my husband doesn’t bring his own carry-on because he doesn’t need it – but then remembers that he does need just a couple things that can of course just fit in mine – I’ll now actually have the room for it…

  9. I love the tunic cover ups and the blue sweatshirt!!! And the geometric copper earrings are adorable!!!

  10. I “hopped” right over and liked the page two. Would
    Love a jelly cat bunny for my little girl and some new pens for mommy!

  11. Connected with the Picket Fence on all 3 social media apps!
    I am drooling over the Faded Blue Sweatshirt…for me! Lol. I can dream about the things that I want, right?! It is much more fun to dress my girls! There are a hundred things that I could buy for them at this boutique! Purchased items for both Nora and Lydia at this boutique! They have the most adorable and unique items. It’s a great place to find a gift for a new mama and her babe!

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