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As we move into Spring, I want to thank all of you who have been following my blog and telling your friends and family about my business. You rock! As a thank you, I am giving away a copy of one of my favorite books. 🙂
Before we talk about the giveaway, now is the time to update your feeds and bookmarks so you can check out my blog on a regular basis. Also, consider signing up for my free gift and newsletter in the box on the right. I put together a day’s worth of meals and shopping lists to make cooking a breeze. Check it out!
I’m so excited to offer my first blogger giveaway: The Whole Truth Eating and Recipe Guide full of amazing, easy, and delicious recipes!
Andrea Beaman is the author of this kick ass cookbook. She is an inspiration to me and so many others out there on a mission to eat “real” food. Delicious stuff. When I studied nutrition in NYC a few years ago, I had the pleasure to meet Andrea and attend a few of her cooking classes. The one class I attended she served some greens with this amazing dressing on them. I knew right there and then this chick knew what she was talking about! She made dark leafy greens taste decadent – not overcooked and mushy!
You all know how much I adore “real food.” In the past few months, I have used this book quite a bit. I’ve also found myself telling my clients and friends things that I have learned from this book including the amazing and easy recipes. I made the Shrimp with Pungent Plum Sauce (page 163) the other night for my hubby and he loved it. 🙂 He sent me a text the next day thanking me again for the amazing dinner. Woot!
One of the best tidbits (besides recipes) in this book is about being true to yourself. Learning what foods your body likes.
Another little factoid I love in the book is learning how to eat based on the seasons. Doing this helps you feel better, save cash at the store and lose weight.
Just one more reason to eat a varied diet!
In addition, this book also has recipes for some amazing desserts. Yes, I said it. Desserts can be healthy too. The recipes for Brown Rice Crispy Treats (page 195) and Creamy Coconut Almond Rice Pudding (page 197) will knock your socks off. This book uses real ingredients that can be found at your local grocery store: rice, kale, parsley, lemon, apples. Nothing too weird or exotic. 🙂
Ok, so who wants to win a copy of this very awesome book?
Here are the ways to get entered into the contest. First, you must leave a comment on this post with your name, email address and answer to this question: What is your greatest health challenge? Earn additional entries doing the following and leaving a SEPERATE comment for each entry your complete:
1. Signing up for a nutrition breakthrough session
2. Enrolling in my May cooking class to raise cash for Japan
3. Signing up for my free gift and newsletter (box on the right – enter name and email and click Get My Free Gift!)
4. Subscribing to my RSS feed (let me know in the comments)
5. Following me (BMooreHealthy) on Twitter (let me know who you are in the comments)
6. Retweeting this contest on Twitter and including @BMooreHealthy
7. Become my friend on Facebook and post a comment on my page
8. Link to this contest from your blog (let me know in the comments)
9. Forward to a friend
The contest ends on May 20, 2011 at 11:00 am EST.
The more you do, the more chances you have to win! I will use www.Random.org to pick the winner. The winner will have to provide a mailing address for me to mail the book to. (Sorry, US residents only!)
Ready. Set. Go! Don’t forget to update your feeds and bookmark my site. Looking forward to reading your entries and announcing the winner in May!

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  1. My GREATEST health challenge is finding time. Being a mother, wife, and working full time, leaves little time for meal preps, healthy grocery store trips (where you take your time and purchase healthy instead of the ‘easiest’.) furthermore, is finding time to be active (exercising, etc.). With the seasons changing to warmer weather being active becomes easier, but TIME continues to be my greatest challenge. Then to imagine having more children (God willing) a house (since we live in a very small apartment) and more responsibilities through work and church….healthy choices tend to be put on the back burner.

  2. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. It’s like having a conversation with you everyday. The insights and advice are great! I’m very proud of you!!

  3. My greatest health challenge is planning ahead and creating a meal plan for the week that supports my health, my budget and my schedule. I want to be able to shop less during the week, have items prepared ahead of time to optimize my time and get more things done in my week instead of being in the kitchen and the grocery store all the time.

  4. My greatest challenge is finding/creating nutritious, organic, gluten-free, corn-free, yeast-free, and whole foods to feed my seriously ill child.

  5. One of my greatest challenge is getting my Husband to eat healthier! Another is healthy eating but avoiding food that contain soy, nuts, latex derivated fruits and veggies, and certains grains that my daughter and I both have allergies too!

  6. Always enjoy reading your blogs & learning thru & from you. My health has become my number one focus in life. We are lucky to have you on here. Thank you for your time & sharing your knowledge

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