Get out of the house everyday

Get out of the house everyday – yes, being a mom is insane and this is one of the biggest tricks to staying sane during the early years of raising kids. When Brian and I decided that I would stay home with the kiddos, I never really thought through how much time I would be in my house.
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Back during my consulting days when I was never home (I traveled full time), I would dream of spending time in my home. Fast forward 7 years and the stir-craziness has settled in. If I don’t keep the house somewhat organized, I lose my mind. I have found it imperative that I get out of the house every darn day.
Get Out With the Kids
Since I am home with my girls pretty much all the time, I have found that getting out of the house regularly is good for all of us. We donʼt overcommit to activities but we get outside and play, go to the gym, walk the mall, etc. Now that they are both a little older, getting out of the house is easier. Juliana is almost potty trained (check out this book – it’s a life saver!) so the days of carrying 456 diapers and all the gear is behind me. 
Get Out Without the Kids
Brian and I have a pretty good system of allowing each other time away with our own friends. For us, it is all about getting things on the calendar. He goes on a guys weekend every year with a big group of high school friends. I do a night out with girlfriends just about every other week. We also schedule gym time for each of us. If it doesnʼt get on our schedule, it doesnʼt happen. We also schedule regular date nights – itʼs so important for us and we know itʼs good for our marriage!

Healthy Out of the House Activities for You and the Kiddos:
Aviary, Zoo, Aquarium – being around animals has a relaxing and fun effect on children. I love when these places let the kids (and moms too!) interact directly with the animals.
Playground – When the weather is nice, I like to get to the playground. It is a great place to let the kids get some exercise and I get to chat with other moms.
Track – Brian loves to take our girls to a local track and let them run around.
Do you feel that getting outside helps you be a better mom?
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