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Gut imbalance -> Silent inflammation -> Obesity
This simple statement hit home to me the other day when I read it in Brenda Watson’s book, The Skinny Gut Diet that just hit bookstore shelves and of course, Amazon. For the last couple of months, I have been on a personal journey to get in better shape and lose my “mother’s apron” after two babies. (Follow my journey on Instagram #operationfindmyabs).
Sure, we are know that weight loss and health is all about what foods we are eating (and not eating often), exercise, sleep and stress management. However, we often overlook the connection of weight and overall health to our digestive system. I sure did in the past.
Not only am I on a mission to find my abs, I am on a mission to improve my gut health. The health of our gut affects everything. In this book, Brenda does a great job explaining this complicated topic in ways that everyone can understand. I love that.
She also does a great job explaining the importance of adding fermented foods into our diets. When most of us think about healthy food we often overlook fermented foods like live cultured vegetables, kimchi, unpasteruized miso, kombucha, etc. I know I didn’t grow up eating these foods! Brenda breaks it all down for us in this great book and gives great recipes that I am going to try out. 
Brenda talks all about how so many health problems in our culture today are caused by issues in the gut and guess what? These gut issues are making us unhealthy and well, fat!
I am loving Brenda’s book so much that I wanted you to win a copy of it. It is full of amazing advice and recipes.
Enter below to win your very own copy of The Skinny Gut Diet book by Brenda Watson. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for the 12 Days of Healthy Holiday Recipes online program! We start November 12th.
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  1. I love your way of thinking Betsy! Brenda Watson’s company, ReNew Life, is right down the street from me and I have a friend that works there.

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