Grocery shopping without getting out of the car.

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I have a strange love for grocery stores. Just ask my hubby, Brian. I can spend hours checking out produce and comparing labels of packages. I get a thrill out of seeing fresh greens. I know, I am strange.
Well, now that I am a mama of a busy 2-year-old, my grocery shopping experience has to be quick. Somedays, Madilyn will not even let me put her in the shopping cart. Yes, I am holding a toddler in one arm and pushing a cart in the other. Oh yeah, add pregnancy nausea to that. Oye. Therefore, yes, my shopping trips have to be quick these days.
The other day, Giant Eagle offered me a gift card to try out their Curbside Express service where you order groceries online and pick them up in front of the store! For those of you in the Pittsburgh area, this service is available at the Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson. Yes, you don’t even have to go in. Score. Fabulous my friends, just fabulous. I will most definitely be doing this again. Below is a recap of my experience.
On Sunday, I sat down with my laptop and ordered everything. My tip for you is to start out with a list and a plan for the week. When you open the ordering website, it can be a little overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. Before I got online, I sat down and decided what we were going to eat for the week. Then, I broke it down and wrote down a shopping list. Then, I jumped online and ordered everything. I submitted my order and it was available for pickup the following day between 2 PM and 2:30 PM. Nice.
On Monday, I loaded Madilyn in the car and we headed to the store to pick up our groceries. My mom tagged along. She wanted to see how this went. When we arrived, I called the phone number on the sign and three minutes later, a nice, young man pushed all my groceries to my car. I handed him my form of payment and he loaded up my car! How easy is that, my friends?

Giant Eagle is waiving the service fee for the first time the service is used. The fee is $4.95 after that. In my opinion, it is worth every cent. Just think, if you get a couple of things on sale, you end up even, right? Right now, being 14 weeks pregnant and carrying a toddler around, I welcome anyone who will do these tasks for me.
When I got home I did realize that one item was incorrect. I got thin angel hair rice noodles instead of pad thai. No worries at all. Plus, I couldn’t use my reusable grocery bags which is kind of a bummer. However, I loved the service and will most definitely be doing it again especially when I have 2 kiddos come this October!

Now, can I find someone to put away all these groceries?
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  1. I have heard about services like this and I absolutely think it’s BRILLIANT!
    I too love grocery stores and we don’t have children yet so I can enjoy them for a bit longer but I could totally see the appeal for folks who are on the go!

  2. I was telling Betsy how much I enjoy grocery shopping too! But I guess it would change with kiddos in tow…. although I can’t imagine Ms. Madilyn ever being naughty 🙂
    I do realize that with a list though, there is a lot let browsing time – which is fantastic. Too much browsing leads to wanting to try the newest oreo concoction that nabisco has come up with…. hehe

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