Homemade Burrito Bowl? Yes Please!

I am obsessed with Mexican food, especially Chipotle. When I was pregnant with Madilyn, I had crazy cravings for burrito bowls. A burrito bowl is just what it sounds like; all of the contents of a burrito piled on top of each other in a bowl rather than wrapped up in a tortilla. My love for Mexican food is still going strong and I think I have passed it along to my daughter. She was loving black beans the other night!
Instead of going out, I decided to make burrito bowls at home. So easy, cheap and delicious! The great thing is that you can control both the portion size and exactly what goes in it so you can keep it nice and light and healthy without compromising on flavor.
I made a burrito bowl station. I started with a brown and wild rice mixture as the base. I added lots of veggies and some protein. I finished the burrito bowls off some fresh avocado and a little grated cheddar cheese. Get creative! There are no rules here. This way everyone gets to do their own thing.
Burrito bowl bar.

Homemade Burrito Bowls
(make some extra so you have lunch for the next day)
1. Start with some whole grains as a base.
I used brown rice and wild rice. 1 part wild rice and 4 parts brown rice is a nice combo. You could easily use quinoa here.
2. Add lots of veggies.
I used corn, salad greens, olives, onion, roasted red peppers, and salsa.
3. Add some protein.
This time I made veggie burrito bowls using black beans as my protein. You can easily add grilled chicken, fish, beef, pork, etc. Buy high quality animal protein.
4. Garnish it up.
I am obsessed with avocados so I added some fresh chunks to the top of my bowl. I also added a little cheese. Fresh herbs are also a great addition. Try some fresh cilantro and parsley. Squeeze some fresh lime on top of the bowl. So freakin’ good. 🙂
Built burrito bowl. Mission accomplished!

Remember: life is a journey not a destination. Enjoy the process. 🙂
So, how would you build your homemade burrito bowl? I would love to hear from you. Post a comment below or on Find us on Facebook.

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  1. Thanks, Betsy! We love making burrito bowls at home too (my husband is gluten intolerant – not full blown celiac, thank goodness), so we started these with his favorite, which is bay leaf chicken. He poaches the chicken in chicken broth, with lots of garlic, onions and bay leaves. Then he shreds the chicken and we pile on the toppings. I hadn’t thought of adding roasted red pepper – definitely going to try that next time. I would also like to try the quinoa as we typically use white rice (for some reason brown rice bothers his digestive system also, even though we prefer it).
    Thanks again for sharing!

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