How to stay hydrated this summer

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I am so excited to be teaming up with DASANI® Sparkling to talk about how to stay hydrated this summer. As a busy mom, sometimes I forget to drink enough water throughout the day – just like it is easy to not get enough sleep and not get enough time for yourself for self care. As it gets hotter this summer, staying hydrated and refreshed throughout the day is so very important – especially for us busy moms who are always running around chasing our kiddos!
One thing I have realized is that healthy habits are the key to health. Quick fixes don’t stick. What really works when it comes to health and fitness goals is sticking to healthy routines that are done on a daily basis. One of those healthy habits I am personally working on is drinking more water. Incorporating more water into my daily routine has been helping me feel happier and healthier! So, I am taking a personal challenge to drink a glass of water every time I think I am hungry for a snack. Did you know that a lot of times when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty? I love how DASANI® Sparkling offers such fun and delicious flavors to help me reach my water intake goal. I try to drink enough water a day that equals half of my body weight in ounces. I am hoping that more water intake will help with cravings as well.
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DASANI® Sparkling is a fun and delicious way to drink more water throughout the day. What I love most about these drinks is how bubbly and fizzy they are and how creative you can get with them in making fun summer drinks. I love to make a fun fruit-infused drink and enjoy it outside on a warm, summer day while my girls and I play in the yard. Not only do I enjoy these drinks, my girls do too! I love that they have no sugar or artificial sugar in them.
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Hydration is so important for our health. Not only is essential water intake important for our bodies, it makes us happier and healthier moms! Can I get a ‘heck yes’?
We spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer so cool and refreshing drinks are a must. I love to put out a Sparkling Water Bar outside on the deck where everyone can make their own refreshing drinks! The combinations are truly endless. It is fun to put out a variety of fruit and fresh herbs (cucumbers too!) and tall glasses of ice and let everyone create their own different flavored water combinations.
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How to create a Sparking Water Bar

  1. Purchase DASANI® Sparkling water in a variety of flavors at your local Walmart. They are relaunching favorite flavors in New DASANI® Sparkling sleek cans!
  2. Prepare a variety of fresh fruit, cucumber slices, fresh herbs, etc. and make a buffet outside on a beautiful summer day. I put out fresh cherries, blueberries and raspberries, cucumber slices, chunks of lemons, limes and tangerines. The combinations are truly endless. Check out other recipes featuring the new DASANI® Sparkling Sleek Cans at Walmart, here!
  3. Fill a bunch of glasses with ice cubes and let everyone create their own unique DASANI® Sparkling water signature drink.
  4. Enjoy your drink with friends and family and don’t forget to eat the fizzy fruit when you are done!

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Don’t forget to pick up a bunch of a few cases of DASANI® Sparkling water on your next Walmart trip. Plan to create a Sparking Water Bar this summer for your family and friends. Create your own Sparkling Water Bar and take a picture and post on social media with the #FindYourSparkle hashtag.
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  1. Yum!! I’m so thirsty now! My family and I love to add fruit to our water; we’ll have to try Dasani’s sparkling water with fresh fruit for our more fancy water-drinking days. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Lovely post! I love how the bubbles come through so well in your photos – makes me want to get outside in the sun and enjoy a fizzy fruity sparkling water instead of being at work 🙁 I’ll have to look for these new Dasani flavors – I did not know they made these.

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