Sometimes, it’s all in a state of mind.

One hour flight to Chicago. Two hour layover. Four hour flight to Mexico. As I began to think about the travel time, I began to panic. How in the hell am I going to do this with a toddler?
I can do this. I can do this. It will all be worth it when we get there.
Hour 6 into the trip, Madilyn has reached her limit. She wants down. Sesame Street on the iPad is not cool anymore. I close my eyes, take some deep breaths and I pass Madilyn over to my mother-in-law. It works for about 3 minutes. “Mum-Mum!!!” Madilyn screams. I want to cry. I take a few more deep breaths. I am out of ideas. I panic a little. Brian says something that pisses me off. Don’t remember now what it was.
I can do this. I can do this. It will all be worth it when we get there.
We arrive. We survive. I need a drink.

As our vacation came to a close, I began to dread the travel again. Oh no. What can I do differently on the way home? I decided I was going to change my state of mind. My sister-in-law tells me “Who gives a shit if she cries. People will deal with it.” Go on sista! She was right. I chilled out. I relaxed. Guess what? Madilyn slept. She played calmly. She snacked on dry cereal and a banana. She flirted with the two boys sitting behind us.
I did this. I created a sense of calm and Madilyn followed.

Sometimes life is hard. Traveling with a toddler is hard but I was going to freakin Mexico. I needed to chill out. Life is good. I am blessed.
Last night, Madilyn was screaming and did not want to go to bed. Turns out her window air conditioner scared her. She hasn’t slept in her bed for a week so it was new to her. She just wanted Mum Mum. My car hasn’t been washed in months. My dad is building a deck off the back of our house. Needless to say, my house is not too organized.
Calm. Breathe. It’s all in a state of mind.
How do you change your state of mind for the better?

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