The most adorable dresses and supporting small business

For Easter this year, the most adorable dresses and supporting small business were important to me. I have been meaning to share where I got the dresses my girls wore. I don’t do this often but these dresses are THAT amazing!

I LOVE to support small businesses. I have a small business of my own so I get it. I understand the busy mom who wants to start her own business to be creative and make some extra money on the side.
Some ways to support small businesses:

  1. Shop at local farmers markets instead of big grocery stores all the time. At my local farmers market, there is a woman there who drives two hours to sell her organic veggies! Well, I hope she keeps coming because her veggies are SO fresh. Therefore, I keep buying from her.
  2. Shop from small local shops instead of Amazon or Wal-Mart at the time. Buy from local shops and vendors. Buy from small online shops like Milkweed and Mango! I am also obsessed with The Picket Fence here is Pittsburgh. I have done giveaways with them before and there items are so unique and fun!
  3. Support small family owned restaurants instead of chain restaurants. I am a big proponent of this. If you are going to eat out, go to a privately owned place instead of a chain. I bet the food will be much better too! A new one just opened in the Pittsburgh area and it is SO GOOD. The owners are friends of ours and I can tell you that their mission is fresh, local food make from scratch. It is called V&V Scratch Kitchen. Check them out!
  4. Talk about your favorite small businesses. Share about them online and spread the word in person!

I met Deirdre online (her sisters are actually the masterminds here) and I instantly was drawn to the clothes that she designs and makes with her own two hands! How cool is that? She makes her own clothes! She uses the most amazing organic fabrics! Seriously, when these dresses arrived at our home, I could not believe how amazing they are. Order something for your kids NOW!

Let me let Deirdre tell you a little about her business:
My mission with Milkweed and Mango is to offer quality earth conscience clothing that kids feel comfortable in and are proud and excited to wear.
Everything started as a response to my daughter’s plea for dinosaur underwear and the struggle I had to meet that need. After searching far and wide, I had to make my daughter her beloved dinosaur underwear myself, followed by dragon underwear, and the pancake dress she said so desperately “needed”. After receiving so many compliments and inquiries on her new outfits I decided to create Milkweed and Mango to offer fun and unique clothing for imaginative kids!

My organic fabrics are 100% sourced from this incredible organization, Spoonflower. They offer quality organic fabrics and serve as a platform for independent artists to showcase their designs.

Milkweed and Mango has a few exclusive fabrics: “Pittsburgh Eats” (which can actually be found in the shop “Wildcard” in Lawrenceville), “MWM Signature”, “Bahama Iguana” and we will be soon adding “Philly Food Friends” to the list.

I love having the opportunity to support other small shops in the process, but most importantly, Spoonflower also gives me the capability to offer my favorite product: “Custom Creations” where you can turn your child’s artwork into an item of clothing. Read more about this on my website. https://www.milkweedandmango.com/custom-collabs/
Yes, Milkweed and Mango can make custom clothes based on your kids artwork! I mean, how adorable is this? If you are anything like me, you have bags of kids artwork around your house with no place to put it. How fun would it be to turn one of their art masterpieces into something they could wear?
Meet Deirdre. She is SO sweet. 
Milkweed and Mango is giving my readers 20% off your online order! Just use the code “20Moore” when you check out. Click here to start shopping!
Enjoy these beautiful outfits for your kiddos and remember to shop small businesses!
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