Helping you create HabiTs of Health At Home & At Work

Work-life balance is a joke. Instead, we want to blend.

It’s about not separating the compartments of your life, but rather thinking of them in terms of the whole. As your coach, I’ll keep you accountable as you move from busy to productive with practical, healthy tweaks – at home & at work. Plus, I love to help organize a messy kitchen and a pantry!

DO you have a healthy work-Life Blend?

Forget about work-life balance. Psychologists say it’s all about the blend. See where you rank. Download my FREE Work-Life Blend Quiz.

Hi, I’m Betsy Moore

Your Health Coach

I help busy women try to be their best selves – at home and at work. I help them reach their unique health and wellness goals by keeping them accountable, setting boundaries and helping them get back control of their time and energy. Yes, I also help them learn about food and lifestyle tweaks – without changing everything. I am realistic but I also push women to make lasting changes – because us ladies are worth being healthy & happy!


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How Can I Help You?

One-on-One Coaching

Self-care is the foundation of your health: personally & professionally. After a breakthrough session over Zoom or the phone where I learn where you want to go regarding your health and wellness, we meet virtually one-on-one every week or so where I keep you accountable, give you the tools and education to make lasting health habits and help you celebrate your success! I offer single 30 or 60 minute coaching session and 3 different levels of packages – options for every busy woman!

Take a Moment for You

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Don’t let these gorgeous professional photos fool you. Life isn’t this perfect. Most of the time I am working from home in yoga pant with two kids staring at me and I am wondering how I will find the time to get everything done – and find time for me. However, I have learned a few things that have worked for me pretty well and I share my education and personal experience with my clients.

I’m a business consultant, certified health coach, writer, and most importantly – wife to an amazing guy and mama to two beautiful little girls. With a background in industrial & organizational psychology and nutrition, I like to see myself as your personal cheerleader for your well-being at both work and at home. I created The Bee’s Knees, a free online support community that is designed to bring women together to support each other, offer accountability, and share the latest research around making long lasting and sustainable changes to health, mindset and overall well-being at home and at work. I created the Busy Bee Burnout Program, a downloadable, do on your own, health coaching program. I have big dreams of creating the The Bugs and The Bees, a mentorship program for young women where female leaders mentor and teach young professionals and young girls how to start managing work and life at an early age – it will happen!

So, Where to Start?

Let’s spend 30 minutes talking about you.

I focus on 6 areas of wellness in my coaching and corporate work: Nutrition, Relationships, Psychology, Learning, Purpose & Paycheck. I call these 6 areas the BMoore Healthy Framework and I use this foundation for the content for each and every client. Each client has a unique focus and goals for each of these 6 areas.

The BMoore Healthy Framework encourages exploration in:

  • Eating for optimal nutrition, hydration, digestion and joy
  • Practicing intuitive daily movement
  • Grocery shopping, meal prep and home cooking  
  • Establishing a daily routine 
  • Learning about mindset and psychology and its impact on health
  • Optimizing meaningful work both in and outside the home
  • Finding your creative outlet 
  • Setting boundaries and finding a community of support
  • Learning to love rest and sleep
  • Reducing and managing stress 
  • Cultivating meaningful relationships 
  • Falling in love with learning, growth and even failure
  • Creating positive thought patterns and releasing limiting beliefs 
  • Living with purpose and following your values 
  • Begin your journey to living a BMoore Healthy lifestyle today!

I focus on the ABCs- Accountability, Boundaries and Control.

The first step is to schedule your first session to see how we can best work together. Corporate contacts, please email me here.