10 tips to start the new year in a healthy way

The start of a new year is a great time to set goals to a happier and healthier you. It’s pretty easy to set goals and write them down on paper. The challenging part is sticking to them and making those dreams a reality. Below is my top 10 tips to start a new year in a healthy way. My tips to not only start focusing on a happier and healthier you but to turn those tips into a part of your lifestyle.

1. Aim for awesome, not perfection. I see this all the time with my clients. They set their goal to work out everyday for 2 hours. One day they miss and they throw in the towel. Nope. I like to set a bunch of small goals and over time they become a bigger goal. New to working out? Start by setting a goal of exercising 3 times a week. Once you get into that rhythm and it become a part of your lifestyle, add in another day.
2. Get moving. Speaking of exercise, well, it’s an essential part of health. Not only does it help you reach your health and weight goals, it is a huge stress reliever. Time in movement is a top priority for me. It is my “me” time that I need daily. I schedule it on my calendar just like a doctor’s appointment. Check out my top 10 tips to transform to a healthier life.

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3. Learn to love your kitchen. Health starts in the kitchen. Bottom line. Its pretty impossible to be healthy and eat out every meal. Restaurant food is just not the same. This Spanish rice dish is a weekly favorite in our house. I add chopped kale, spinach, green peppers, etc. I have even put zucchini in this dish. The kiddos gobble it up and ask for seconds!
So is this Slow Cooked Tomato Pepper Chicken. I make this weekly and put in all kinds of veggies.
4. Water, water, water. Being around big bodies of water has a sense of calm to it. Drinking more water helps with digestion, skin issues, metabolism and headaches. Make it a goal of yours this year to drink more water and hang out by the ocean, lake or river. Whatever you can do helps. Invest in a quality water filter and a water bottle that you love that helps you stay on track.

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5. Let it go. No, I am not talking about Frozen. Let go of toxic relationships. Realize that you can’t change others. All you can do is change yourself and your response to others. Don’t hold grudges.
6. Embrace routine and schedules. If things don’t get in my calendar, they are more than likely not going to get done. That being said, leave some room for spontaneity and fun!
7. Find time for yourself. Take a hot bath at night. Go to the gym. This is crucial for physical and mental health, especially if you are a mom!

8. Make faith a priority. Going to church every Sunday has been a routine that I love now that I have a family. I see such growth and love in my girls when we go. Yes, it is hard work getting them to behave in church but it is worth it. Not a church person? Well, finding faith and love in yoga or running or art or sewing is a step in the healthier direction.
9. Date nights. Time away with my hubby is crucial for our marriage. It is a priority for us. We schedule time every month.
10. Live in the moment. Putting my phone away while I am playing with the kids. Not watching TV when my 5-year-old is playing babies. One of my biggest goals of this new year is to enjoy life everyday because it’s true what they say, “Life is short.”

What other tips would you add to my list? Comment below!

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