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Learn how to make homemade baby food September 2014

I made both of my daughters homemade baby food. I think they are good eaters as toddlers because I started them young! Want to learn how? Join me this September.

I am a big believer in feeding our kids real food. I think that healthy eating habits as adults begins as early as baby’s first foods. Making homemade baby food is much easier than you might think. Babies like real food too. Just ask my 20-month-old, Juliana. No idea where to start? I can help. Interested? Keep reading. 
100228_044“This program was invaluable to me. When I participated, we were just starting to try solids with our baby and although I’m a nutrition coach myself and knew about the “don’ts,” I wanted to learn more about all the right ways to feed her. Betsy’s knowledge and expertise were exactly what I needed. I learned so much — it reinforced some of the things that I’d learned on my own but had questions about and it also opened my eyes to new foods and ways of preparing foods that we’re still incorporating today. I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn the best ways to nourish their little ones.” – Jill Grunewald, holistic nutrition coach

Pregnant? Have a little one already? This program is for you.

Before you know it, baby wants more than just milk. Sure, your little bundle will still need milk (and lots of it!) but he/she can start playing around with food. No idea where to start? Keep reading.

Mama, you can make baby food and I’ll help you do it!

We’ll work together for the month of September. We’ll learn about baby’s first foods. We will follow some easy recipes. You will cook in your kitchen. I will cook in mine. You will have a newfound confidence in the kitchen making your little one his/her meals! Sound good?
unnamed-1“I loved being a part of Baby Let’s Eat because Betsy shared a ton of great, unique recipes and I learned to incorporate a variety of foods in my baby’s diet. My older son is a picky eater so I wanted to see how I could try new ideas with my younger son. I really wanted to start him eating healthy foods as early as possible. It was also great to get advice and talk to other moms who were going through the same thing. I loved the Facebook group and met a lot of great moms who are going through the same things I am. I would recommend this program to all mamas!” – Katie Miller

How will this work you ask?

You cook in your kitchen. I’ll cook in mine.

Sure, we will be in different kitchens but I will help you every step of the way. Still pregnant? Great! No better time than now to learn before baby arrives!

Access to private VIP Facebook group.

You know you are on Facebook. Make your time productive and learn about feeding your little one. Have questions when you are cooking? Want different ideas? Ask me on the VIP Facebook group. We’ll chat, talk about food, swap photos of our little ones with food all over their faces. It will be a blast.

Easy recipes and ideas for baby’s first foods.

Making baby food is easy and I will show you how. Easy recipes and ideas will be provided in a downloadable PDF document. We’ll share recipes and ideas on the Facebook group as well.
unnamed“Betsy did a fantastic job putting together a ton of information on what first foods would be best for baby, along with recipes, pictures and tips. I learned a lot and am happy my little guy got a great nutritional start with foods! I would recommend this program to any new mom and mom to be! I will be using what I learned in the program for years to come as my son grows older.” – Alyssa Liewer

Give your bundle of joy the best. 

This program runs from September 2 – 30th but you can sign up now and get early access to the online forum. This program is limited to 30 busy mamas, so save your spot now, OK?
Early Bird Special! Sign up by August 11 and join for only $49. Regular price $65. Click the Buy Now button to reserve your spot.

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