Simple pleasures. One simple list.

Through the years, I have realized that being healthy is so much more than just the food we eat. Everything is connected. As a busy mama, life can be so chaotic. Sometimes it feels like a broken record. As soon as I get all the laundry done, the basket is full again. Sigh.
For me, I try to make the mundane tasks of life fun and memorable. Because, guess what, they aren’t going anywhere, right? Unless I win the lottery and can hire a personal assistant. ๐Ÿ™‚
Health is finding a few quiet moments each day for you. It is enjoying your toddler dance around the kitchen while you wash dishes. It is re-connecting to an old friend that you haven’t talked to in years. It is living in the moment – each and every crazy second.
As I write this, Madilyn is playing with her Dora the Explorer book that makes music. She smiles and dances. Such a simple, beautiful moment. I pause to really notice this moment. To remember it. Such innocence. Not a care in the world.
My homework for you today is to make a list. You can write it down on a napkin or in your journal or on the back of a take-out menu. It doesn’t matter. (Thank you Hannah for your inspiration.)
Take 5 minutes right now and explore the concept of enjoying the simple things in life. What are your top 10 simple pleasures?
My Top 10 Simple Pleasures At This Moment

  • A chapter of Harry Potter – I try to read on the elliptical or treadmill most days
  • Neti pot – this little thing has let me really breathe for the first time in years
  • A love note from my husband – the other night he left a note on my pillow thanking me for all I do. Wow.
  • Clean sheets – best sleep ever with crisp, clean sheets
  • Dancing around the living room – I have zero dancing talent but Madilyn still thinks I am hysterical and it’s fun
  • Madilyn cracking up – Nothing is better in my book than a baby laughing at something so simple like our dog Charli running around the living room
  • Music – turning up the tunes while I clean the house. I don’t care if it is Hall & Oates or Justin Timberlake as long as it is loud.
  • Clean bath tub – this is heaven for me especially when Brian cleans it for me
  • Great conversation with my husband – LOVE when we get into deep talks
  • Enjoying the moment – Not worrying about the future, stop stressing about the past. This one is a work in progress but those few moment where I am really in the moment feels so darn good.

What are your top 10 simple pleasures at this moment? If you want to share, I would love to see your list. Post as a comment below.

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