7 easy tips to get your kids excited about exercise

Here are my 7 easy tips to get your kids excited about exercise because sometimes this is hard to do! It can also be difficult to get the right foods into their bellies – that’s a different story, right?
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Our Madilyn (now almost 6 1/2 years old) is much more content sitting, reading, doing crafts, painting and playing house compared to physical exercise. This is something that worries me from time to time because I pray that she loves being active. Of course, I don’t expect my girls to hit the gym and lift weights – now that would be a sight! However, I do want to make sure they do something active each day and not complain about it. Now, that would be an added bonus.
Over the summer, Madilyn was in a sports camp where they explored different activities, ran around, sand songs and well, were kids! This year, we started gymnastics and she loves it. I pray she is more coordinated than her mother. Ha!
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Below are my 7 easy tips to get your kids excited about exercise:
1. Find something they love – They are not going to love everything and that is OK. Everyone is different so the trick is trying different things until something clicks with your child.
2. Keep it fun – If you just tell your kids to run around the yard, they might look at you like you are nuts. However, if you set up a soccer game where the kids can play against mom and dad (and dominate, I am sure!), well, I bet that will be more fun. Keep it light. All exercise doesn’t have to be organized exercise. Let the kids just explore outside, jump in puddles and play with sticks and bugs. Just get your kids outside and I am sure they will be active.
3. Practice what you preach – Kids watch adults, especially their parents. We have to be the good examples for them. Allow your kids to watch you exercise at home from time to time. The girls and I will do exercise videos together sometimes. We also do yoga together! Check out this adorable kids yoga mat!
Go to the gym and explain why this is important for mommy. On the weekends, go on a family walk. Park far away from the mall entrance and get a few extra steps in. Make exercise a family event. Make it a way of life for you and your kids.
4. Talk about the importance of exercise with overall health – Keep this conversation going in your home. Ask the kids, “What exercise should we do today?” Let them have a say. Kids love that! Give them options. “Do you want to play soccer outside or go for a walk?” That way, they have to pick one.
5. See what their friends are doing and make it a social experience as well – See what activities their friends at school are doing and see if your kids want to participate as well. Sports are a great way for kids to learn how to share, meet new friends and also a great way to experience not being great at everything. This is a life skill, right?
6. Find activities YOU can do with your kids – Our favorites are taking our dog for a walk, swimming at the pool, and playing volleyball in the back yard. Find activities that don’t feel forced – that are fun for everyone!
7. Keep it in perspective – Remember to not stress about it too much. Just be a good example and they will follow. Always remember to have fun!
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How do you get your kids excited about exercise? Share as a comment below.
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