Top 10 foods you should eat everyday

A new client of mine wanted to know which foods would make this list – Top 10 foods you should eat everyday. I had to think a little but I came up with a list. Yes, I am a big believer in adding – not taking away. Taking away makes us feel deprived, full of anxiety and let’s be honest, kinda depressed.
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Deprived is not a fun feeling. However, over time, your body may start to not even want certain foods and may even start craving all the healthier foods. Score! I could have made this list longer but I decided on 10 for now. I also try to give these foods to my kids. Yes, kids will eat real food. Totally, they will.
Mamas, in addition to these foods, make haircuts a priority. Yes, this is food for sanity. Regular haircuts have power.
These are my top 10 foods I try to eat everyday:
1. Avocado –  Avocados are high in potassium as well as healthy fat. They are very alkaline. You can also buy avocado oil which is a much better option than canola oil. I love to mash avocados and use as a dip with fresh veggies for the kids.
2. Coconut – Coconut is very popular right now and for good reason. However, you have to watch what you buy. Stick with fresh coconut and canned pure coconut, not the highly processed, sugar-filled, fake coconut milk. Not cool.
3. Dark, Leafy Greens – When preparing meals, ask yourself, “How can I add greens?” This is always a healthy winner. Always.
4. Plant-Based Protein – Lots and lots of people are doing the Paleo Diet which is rich in protein and lots of animal protein. I like Paleo because it is making people reduce the crappy carbs in their diets. Unfortunately, people think they can eat load and loads of bacon. Well, bacon is a whole food but I do wonder how healthy it is to overdo it. Do it in moderation. Try to get the majority of your protein from plant sources. Watch peanut butter. Lots of people don’t do well with peanut butter. Try almond butter instead.
5. Lemons and Grapefruit – Hot lemon water is so good for you first thing in the morning. Make it a morning tradition. Grapefruits are so healthy as well. Learn to love them.
6. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is another food that is wonderful to embrace. It helps balance your gut. Over time, you may even start craving it. Yes, you may.
7. Sweet Potatoes – Learn to love sweet potatoes. They are better for you than white potatoes. Simply make your own sweet potato fries. Delicious.
8. Fresh Herbs and Healthier Salt – Learn to love sea salt and adding fresh herbs to your food for flavor.
9. Probiotic Rich Foods – I LOVE kombucha and it is my favorite way to get probiotics in my diet.
10. Lots of Water – Learn to love water. Get a big glass pitcher in your fridge. Add fruit and lemons and fresh mint and drink it up. Lots of it.
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What are your favorite foods to eat on a daily basis?
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