A mess of affirmations.

Overall, I think that I am a pretty positive person. I usually see the glass half full as opposed to half empty. However, some days I feel like screaming. Then, I hear my mother chirping in my ear, “Count your blessings.” This is her famous saying to my sisters and I. Thank you mama for the reminder.
Yep. Whatever crap you are dealing with right now, how could you look at it in a positive way? This is crazy powerful stuff. It is a game changer.

Below are a couple of the negative thoughts that have been creeping into my brain this week followed with a more positive spin. I am trying.
It is so f****** hot in this house. I miss our tiny townhouse with central air.
I don’t miss that townhouse. I love this big, old house. There were so many reasons we moved out of that townhouse. Thank goodness the previous owners left some window units we can use in a few rooms. It is not that bad. A few months ago, I was praying for warm weather.

Madilyn is into everything. All I do is clean up toys. Being a stay-at-home mama is so hard.
Madilyn is a happy and healthy toddler. Thank goodness for that. It is a good thing that she is active. Plus, I get exercise chasing after her little bum. Someday I will wish she was this small again. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with her and watch her grow.

When I was a student at IIN, my counselor gave me a box of affirmation cards by Louise Hay. I forgot about them until Madilyn was in my office one day and pulled them out of a box. Before I knew it there was a mess of affirmation cards all over my house. There could be worse things to clean up, right? I have been letting her play with them this last week and I have to say this is one bunch of “toys” I enjoy picking up. Ironically, Madilyn was carrying around the one that says “I Have the Perfect Living Space” on a day I was bitching about the heat. Maybe she could tell I was frustrated?

Now, you try. What negative thought is in your head right now? How can you put a positive spin on it? I want to hear from you. Post yours below as a comment.
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