Best job change. Rockin’ experience. I heart IIN.

When I think about it, I can’t believe it has already been 3 years since I made one of my biggest life changes. Back in 2009, I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a holistic health coach and it seriously has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself, my career, my family and my health. Period.
Fast forward to now in 2012, I have a successful business helping busy women, especially mamas, get back into the kitchen cooking real, affordable and delicious food. I am living and working in my passion and it feels amazing. I run a successful program called the Busy Women Mealtime Makeover and I have a winter cookbook, Easy, Real Winter Warming Recipes, available.
In 2007, I was totally burnt out working for Deloitte Consulting, traveling back and forth to Harrisburg, PA every weekend – 5 hour trip each way every Friday and Sunday. Yes, it was so fun and adventurous at the beginning but after 5 years of 60 hour weeks and more time on the PA Turnpike than with my friends and family, I reached my limit. I loved the firm but the lifestyle was not for me. Ironically, the firm I was working for hired a health coach from IIN to teach a webinar about work/life balance. Crazy, huh?
I listened intently one day during my lunch break as this woman talked all about how to have it all, how to balance work and life, and how to make health a priority. I immediately went to her website after the webinar and found out how she became a health coach. I wanted this girl’s job! I read all about IIN and was hooked. Hook, line, sinker… I wanted to quit my job right there and fly to NYC and start. I knew that I had found my passion.
That night, I talked to my husband, Brian, about IIN and he was very supportive. After we looked over all of the materials, he told me to go for it. The tuition was totally affordable. I signed up. I was in the last class of live classes which meant that I got to travel to NYC every month. Added bonus. So fun.
Over the next few months, I began to meet other women in the Pittsburgh area who were also signed up for IIN. We lived in all different areas but we made a point to meet up, usually at Panera Bread, to chat about health and nutrition, get to know each other, and dream about our personal and business goals.
Fast forward 3 years later, these women are still very good friends of mine. My girls below, Shannon, Sara, and Amy, were my roommates in NYC! We had a blast and even ran into Ben Stiller in the hotel lobby one day! In the photo below, I am a few months pregnant with my baby girl, Madilyn Ann. Us girls went to a NYC club one night. Yes, that is ice water in my hand!

Now, all of the classes are done virtually so no travel is needed. Nice! Not only do they teach about food and nutrition but they also teach their students how to run a health coaching business. Robert Notter runs the business program as well as the Immersion Program which graduates are welcome to attend for even more business training. This training was so beneficial. Robert taught me how to start my newsletter, how to business my website, how to attract the right clients, you name it. Plus, students now get to study and learn from the comfort of their own home. Very nice.
IIN was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I made some super close girlfriends. I learned about myself, my health, and my dreams. I grew up. I found my passion. I made my dream come true.

Yes, I got to experience IIN live in NYC and I wouldn’t have given that up for anything. However, the Distance Learning program is so awesome and people are loving it. Last year, I had the pleasure of being a counselor for a group of about 30 IIN students. What an experience. IIN sends the students all of the materials needed to get started, including an iPad! I love IIN and have stayed in contact with the school even years later and it is fabulous.

If you have any questions at all about IIN or about health coaching, please contact me at Oh, and if you sign up with IIN, tell them that Betsy Moore sent you.

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