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Endive Boat Hor’deorves: Recipe 2 of 12

Welcome to Busy Women Mealtime Makeover! Whether you are one of the lovely busy ladies participating in the makeover or just interested in taking your meals up a notch – girl, do I have some rockin’ recipes for you! From now until June 1st, I’ll be featuring twelve new delicious makeover-friendly recipes. This week, we are focusing on eating more dark, leafy greens. (And if you want to join in and get the entire makeover PDF complete with meal plans, shopping lists and recipes, videos and photos of me cooking, weekly emails with additional recipes and kitchen tips and tricks and access to our online forum, you can totally start a few days late – click here and sign up!)
I don’t know about you but for me, endive is one green that I don’t eat that often. I just don’t think about it often. However, my friend and business coach Michelle, came up with this very creative appetizer that would be a perfect snack for a cookout. Give endive some love and check it out!
Michelle, you are busy, right? How do you get a decent, healthy meal on the table? 
I break each recipe down into tasks. I might chop all my veggies tonight for a meal I’m making tomorrow. Or I’ll prepare the dressing 2 days in advance. Sometimes just taking out the ingredients is all I can do before my toddler starts whining but at least I have them out and ready to get to work on when he takes his nap.
Why do you make healthy, real food a priority in your life?
It’s a core value of mine. In my Italian family, home cooking equals love. Healthy home cooking? That’s something I picked up along the way to solve my own health problems and have since built a business around it.

What is your favorite thing to make during the spring months?

This spring we finally have access to an outdoor grill so it’s been very fun to give my husband grill duty while I concentrate on making fabulous salads and side dishes.
What is that one thing that busy people can do this spring to eat a little healthier?
Eat what’s on sale. Haha – no seriously, when all the spring veggies are in season they tend to be in such abundance that the stores will put them on sale. Just one more reason to eat seasonally.
What is your favorite gadget in the kitchen?
My magic bullet blender. Hands down.
Endive Boat Hor’deorves with cantaloupe, goat cheese and mint
16 large endive leaves
Tiny smear of raw honey
Stick of cantaloupe
Dab of goat cheese
Handful of fresh mint leaves
Handful of almond
1/4 cup olive oil
Pinch of salt
Arrange leaves on a platter. Smear a tiny bit of honey into each, then add a piece of fruit and cheese.
Combine all dressing ingredients in a blender, along with a little water to help blend. Spoon dressing onto each endive boat and serve.

Thanks Michelle! 
Visit Michelle over at www.findyourbalancehealth.com. Check out Michelle’s newest cookbook over here.
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  1. This looks really interesting! from the picture, I didnt expect the recipe to be on the sweeter side. Looks like the endive leaves would also make a good “boat” for a carrot and hummus or something of that sort!
    Cool idea… I may need to get some endive myself!

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