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Mama Sanity Bootcamp Free Online Program

Mama Sanity Bootcamp Free Online Program is back this September 2016. Two weeks to feel like you again. We will spend 10 days together and tackle some of the biggest challenges of motherhood and maybe even get a little sanity back into our lives!
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Cost: Free. Yep, you got it. 

When: September 12 – 23rd (we will take the weekend off)

Where: All online via email and Facebook. Click here to request to join the group online.

Who: All mamas! My kiddos are little (6 and 3). However, even if your kiddos are in college, you are welcome to join. I am sure you have lots of wisdom to share. Last year, when I ran this program, I had over 500 mamas – each with so many live experiences to share.

Feel overwhelmed? Forget who you were before you had kids? Want to feel better in your jeans? Want to have more energy? Crave more time for yourself? Know you should be eating healthier but have no idea where to start?
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Mama, you need your mojo back.

You are not the same woman you were before kids. Guess what? That’s totally OK. However, you do deserve to be happy, healthy and not completely overwhelmed. You know, you deserve to exercise, to eat food that is not your toddler’s leftover chicken tenders, to have an adult conversation with your partner every once in awhile, to take a bath, and to take an art class or read a book that does not involve Elmo, Thomas the Train or Cinderella. You deserve to be you.

Motherhood can be damn hard.

Noone prepares you for how hard it really is. You really don’t know what sleep deprivation feels like, how toddler tantrums can shake you to your core, or how before you know it, your only form of exercise is carrying two kids around the house and bending over and picking up the same toys every. single. day. and. night.

You miss you.

Let’s get your mojo back. It may look different but we can bring it back. Hey, the toys are still going to be there. So is the laundry, your work, the tantrums, and the maybe a little sleep deprivation. However, let’s work on rocking it out, having a better attitude about it, meet other mamas, make some delicious recipes and have a darn good time.

You are not alone. Us mamas have to stick together.

Oh no, you are not alone. I am right along there with you. So are many, many, many other mamas.

Of course, there will be food.

We are what we eat. If we eat crap, we are going to feel like crap and probably not be the best mama we can be. We can do better.

Let’s do this.

It’s amazing what can happen when we have a plan and some guidance. Get ready to:

  • Feel like yourself again
  • Get back in the kitchen and make some easy, healthy and delicious real food
  • Feel totally capable and empowered
  • Become a happier mom
  • Feel more energetic
  • Be proud of yourself for making yourself a priority
  • Meet other mamas who are in the same boat as you

You will receive:

– Daily emails sent by me that will land in your inbox each morning (M-F both weeks). These notes will be packed with health and parenting tips, ideas on how to tackle the biggest parenting stressors, and nudges to make yourself a priority for a change. Each day we will focus on a common parenting stressor (for example, finding time for your partner, sleep deprivation, mama guilt, etc.)
– 10 easy, delicious, budget friendly, healthy recipes for you and your family to try and enjoy.
– Access to a private Facebook group with mamas just like you! Click here to join the group online. Every day for two weeks we will discuss a different parenting stressor and come up with ways to deal with each of them.
– Bonus Gift! Stay tuned. 

Please click the Add to Cart button below to sign up. Even though this is free, I need to know you are joining the group. You will receive an automatic email sent to your email address. The email will contain your first message from me about the program. 

Yep, it’s totally free. You are not alone, mama. Sign up here. Tell your mama friends. 

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Also, make sure you get your copy of my new e-book! Totally free. 

Know a mom who does an amazing job? Nominate her here:
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  1. Thanks so much for this boot camp. I just started a blog sharing my personal journey in refocusing on who I am verses the roles I play for others. I would love for you to check out my blog and give any advice on reclaiming myself. I can be found at discoveringlorna.wordpress.com.

    1. Heather, go to my main screen. Upper right corner there is a place to sign up for it! Let me know if you have any issues getting it. Thanks for signing up! 🙂

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