Sometimes you gotta break the rules. Relax a bit.

I get it. Some days it is impossible to make a meal from scratch. Some days I have the best intentions but life happens and all I want is Kraft Mac and Cheese.
“What is the best I can do right now?” This is a question I ask myself often.
As a kid, one of my favorite meals was Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Oh yeah! That creamy cheese and those yummy noodles always brought a smile to my face. When I am having a bad day, I find myself craving comfort foods like Mac and Cheese.
What do you crave when you are feeling down?
So, the other day at the grocery store I was walking down the aisle list in hand. In the corner of my eye, I see a box of Annie’s Organic Macaroni and Cheese. I could have been a good girl and stuck to my list but my cravings were talking to me and I caved and bought a box. I decided to make the best out of it and add some veggies to it so I bought some peas and decided to mix them together.  As a kid, my momma made this every so often.  It sure brought me back home.

So, see how easy it is to make your favorite foods a little healthier? Madilyn liked it as well.
A past client of mine LOVES hamburger helper. She grew up on it and adores it and didn’t want to give it up. So, what’s a health coach to do? Encourage her to add veggies to it. I introduced her to some new leafy green veggies and she added some to her helper and she loved it.
So, do I think packaged, processed  foods are healthy? Not really.
However, I am realistic and know that they make their way to our tables often. Plus, I think some Mac and Cheese every once in awhile is not going to hurt us. It is the bad habits that we do daily that get us in trouble.
In a perfect world, we would make all of our meals from scratch. However, some days I just want to cuddle with my baby girl and have some Mac and Cheese. That day, I really did break the rules and let Madilyn have her paci while we cuddled in the chair and watched Dancing With the Stars. Go Hines!  Some days we gotta relax and not take life so serious. 🙂 Next time, I hope to make my own Mac and Cheese from scratch. Stay tuned.

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