Top 5 ways to walk past the nachos

Brian and I went to the Steelers game on Sunday. Last night, we went to the Penguins game with Madilyn in tow. So fun but as you all know, sporting events can be a healthy eating disaster. On Sunday, we walked past an entire parking lot of tailgaters celebrating with endless burgers, chips, cookies and of course, beer. Last night, we walked past 35 or so stands for nachos with cheese sauce, fries, hotdogs… you name it. Damn, so many temptations.
Hey, I am all about an occasional treat here and there. Life is too damn short to sit at home and eat kale smoothies by yourself. However, it is possible to stick to eating real food and still enjoy a game. Just because you want to celebrate your team doesn’t mean you have to sabotage yourself. Below are my top 5 ways to make it happen.
1. Fill up your tank before you go. I am not talking about your car but hey, that might not be a bad idea either. Eat before you go. Try to eat some protein. It will keep your full longer and keep your energy up. You can still have a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ when you are there but you will be less likely to get 10 crap food items. Your wallet will thank you too.
2. Fill up your purse with snacks. For you and for any little ones you are bringing with ya. Lara bars, fresh fruit, bag of nuts, whatever strikes your fancy. Anything you bring with you is going to be healthier or at least cheaper than what you buy there.
3. Buy the peanuts. If you do want to buy food at the game, look for foods that are as real as possible. Good luck. It is not easy. At the Steelers game we found peanuts in their shell. At the Pens game they actually had sushi but we passed because it was $18 for one roll. Pass. Peanuts were $4.50. Not quite as bad.
4. Stay hydrated. With water. Not beer. Hey, you can totally drink but if you also drink some water throughout the day you will be less likely to overdo it with alcohol AND food.
5. Moderate my dear. Anything in moderation is totally cool. Really want fries? Cool. Share them with a friend and make sure you up the veggies the next day.

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