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As a busy mama fashion is definitely not my first priority. Most days I am lucky if I shower let alone get dressed up and wear makeup *gasp!* and jewelry *double gasp!* Most days I get up and throw on gym clothes and don’t shower until after Madilyn goes to bed. Sexy, huh?
I know, however, how much better I feel about myself when I am showered, have a great outfit on and I like the way I look. I feel even better when I have a new top from Anthropologie, a new pair of shoes or some new earrings. Retail therapy goes a long way for me.
Food is my passion not fashion. That is why I go to my friend Keri. She helped me shop for the outfit I wore for my business photo shoot (photo below). She loves purging closets. She also runs KIST Boutique – an online boutique exclusive to Facebook where you can find the latest styles in accessories handpicked from designers and wholesalers from NYC and LA. Beautiful and fashion forward accessories for an awesome price.

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To help you spruce up your collection of Spring accessories and look and feel fabulous, I am excited about my next giveaway: a pair of earrings from KIST Boutique! $22 value.

Keri and I agree that you deserve something new to wear. You deserve to feel amazing in your own skin. You deserve to feel sexy and in style. You deserve these new earrings.
As a busy mama, getting to the mall doesn’t happen as easily as it did in the past. Now, online shopping is my saving grace. What I love most about KIST is that I can find unique accessories that not everyone has. Love that.

Ok, so who wants to win these earrings?
Here are the ways to get entered into the contest. First, you must leave a comment on this post with your name, email address and answer to this question: How does getting dressed up make you feel better about yourself? Earn additional entries doing the following and leaving a SEPERATE comment for each entry your complete:
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8. Link to this contest from your blog (let me know you did this by leaving a comment)
9. Forward to a friend (let me know you did this by leaving a comment)
The contest ends on June 24, 2011 at 11:00 am EST.
The more you do, the more chances you have to win! Remember to leave a separate comment for each thing you do. I will use www.Random.org to pick the winner. The winner will have to provide a mailing address for me to mail the book to. (Sorry, US residents only!)
Ready. Set. Go! Don’t forget to update your feeds and bookmark my site. Looking forward to reading your entries and announcing the winner in June!

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  1. How does getting dressed up make you feel better about yourself?
    Well I’m a Cali girl living in WA state where it rains so much and people here hardly dress up so when I dress up I feel like a different person and it boosts my self esteem.I feel like a lady.

  2. nice photo! 😉
    getting dressed up makes me feel better about myself because i rarely do ANYTHING for myself, and i rarely get to get dressed up! so getting dressed up usually means i get to go do something fun! 🙂

  3. Hey Betsy! This post was perfect timing. I read it as I was waiting to go into a job interview this morning. I was wearing a shirtdress with a skinny belt and kitten heels and I felt very Mad Men-ish and after wearing scrubs to work for the last 2 years, it felt great. It made me want to go out to fabulous cocktail party and flirt shamelessly with cute boys! 🙂 Though instead I am coming home, changing, and cleaning. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  4. When I dress-up, I immediately have more confidence in myself, and I am motivated to go out and do something. When I am in gym clothes or jammies, all I want to do is lay around. So, I guess, getting ready helps me to enjoy life a little more!

  5. It makes me feel like I walk with more confidence in my step….hence why sometimes my lounge clothes are a skirt and shirt (alternated with sweats and a t of course!)

  6. As a busy mom of 2, I hardly ever have time to get dressed up anymore, especially since my job consists of wearing gym clothes! I LOVE dressing up because it just makes me feel pretty and put together. It also reminds me of a time in my life when I always dressed up for my professional office job. While I would never trade my 2 kids and life as a mom to go back to working in that office, it does remind me of a time when life was simpler and I actually had time to spend on how I looked every day. Memories of this time in my life are also associated with when my husband and I first met and started dating! 🙂

  7. My sister referred me….getting dressed up with a 10 month old is about as easy as getting my child to take naps! Getting dressed up though makes me feel great about myself as a mom!

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