Make your home a space you love

Make your home a space you love. This is a huge component to being a healthy and happy mama.
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I am in my home ALOT. For those of you mamas who work outside the home, your challenges may be different – but equally as challenging I am sure! Through the years, I have learned that if I am going to spend alot of time in our home with the kids, I gotta love the space. I go crazy if the house is a total mess and my mood is affected and if my mood is affected, the whole family dynamic changes! I am not alone with this, right?
Before we had kids, I knew that they came with lots of stuff – toys, changing table, swings, strollers, dolls, etc. However, Brian and I are big believers that kids donʼt need TOO MUCH stuff. Donʼt get me wrong, my girls have all they need – plus some. However, I put ALOT away and rotate toys and they have no idea. Less stuff in our living area makes me a happier and healthier mama and the girls play better with less!
Do a Load of Laundry Daily – Yes, I Know It Never Ends.
I do at least one load of clothes every. single. day. I have tried to have a “laundry day” but I was so overwhelmed by the mountain of clothes on the basement floor. So, Brian and I have a pretty great system of keeping clothes going in the washer and dryer every day. I now have the girls help me with this daily. It is part of our routine.
Light Clean the House Daily
Brian gets home from work around 6PM every day so around 5PM, if we are home, I tell the girls, “OK, 5 minute clean up!” They “help” me pick up some of the toys and I sometimes run the vacuum. I LOVE having dinner together as a family and I love it even more if the house is clean! This doesnʼt happen daily but I try.
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Set a Times Every Night and Pick Up Toys
Toys drive me insane. Well, they did when I had no control over the chaos they created. We invested in some awesome Ikea baskets and shelving that we put in the girlsʼ playroom. Before bed, they help put away toys. After bed, I may do another quick clean up because I am insane about it. Donʼt spend all night. Set a timer on your phone for like 5 minutes and just pick up toys. Itʼs amazing how quick they get put away when that is all you are focusing on.
Enjoy Essential Oils – No More Candles!
I used to love to burn candles in our home until I started getting headaches. I realized that the headaches were coming on when I had a candle burning in the home all day. After reading about the health affects of many common candles on the market today, I no longer burn them. Plus, with the little ones, I canʼt handle thinking about all the crap they are breathing in! So, now I diffuse essential oils. Amazing! Message me for details.
Bring in Fresh Flowers When You Can
There is something so magical when fresh flowers are in the house. I buy cheap ones from Trader Joes pretty regularly. They make me happy on crazy days.
How do you keep your sanity when it comes to keeping up with the house chores?
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