Take care of yourself

You gotta take care of yourself, mama, because guess what? No one else is going to do it for you. Truth.
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Drink, Listen To, and Be Around Water
I donʼt care if it is at 10PM after you did crunches on your living room floor, just make sure you shower every. darn. day. When we remodeled our bathroom, I begged Brian for a soaking tub with jets. Oh my. Best money we have ever spent. I try to find time every week to soak in that tub. Water therapy is a life saver as a mama of little ones. Oh and yes, drink lots of water. It makes you feel better, helps with digestion, helps your skin glow and gives you natural energy. Get to the beach, to the lake, to the river – whatever – when you can. Water has a naturally calming ability.
Sleep, Sleep and Sleep Some More
I am such a night owl now that I am a mom. The girls go to bed around 8PM and I tend to stay up until 1AM most nights working on BMoore Healthy, folding clothes, watching the Bachelor. I know, not good. I tend to get 6 hours of sleep most nights. I feel pretty rested though most days so I guess itʼs not too bad. Sleep does do amazing things though to our health, happiness and overall sanity!
Schedule Exercise – YES, Put it On Your Calendar
I am a HUGE believer in daily exercise. For me it kills 3 birds with 1 stone – 1. I get uninterrupted time to listen to Justin Timberlake on my headphones, run and lift weights, 2. the girls get time to play with other kids and do crafts and paint, and 3. it gets me out of the house AND I get to shower there uninterrupted AND even put makeup on! Plus, it makes you feel so amazing. When you feel amazing and start to see positive changes in your body, you want to be romantic with your hubby, you want to put makeup on and go on dates, you laugh more – basically life is just so much better. Make time for exercise. Period.
Eat Real Food and Try to Cook a Few Nights a Week
You donʼt have to cook anything fancy – just real food like these Green Monster Burgers. Schedule time to cook a few meals at a time. A little planning and prep goes a long way! Take a look at the meal plans I included at the end of this book. Hope this makes life a little easier for you! Remember that meals donʼt have to look like they came from a 5 star restaurant. In this stage of life, itʼs all about teaching your little ones good eating habits that they can bring with them to adulthood. Keep it simple and real. I make one meal and I tell the girls, “take it or leave it.” I donʼt make separate meals for the kids. Take control of the food in your house. Believe me, when they are hungry they will eat what you make.
What is one thing you could do today that takes care of YOU?
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