“Now that’s a peach!” – My Mama

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From the kitchen I hear my mom yell, “Now that’s a peach!”
We just got home from the farmer’s market and we didn’t wait. We cut into one of our local peaches right away. My mom sliced and shared with Madilyn and I. Madilyn’s face lit up as she tasted and yelled, “Yum Mum Mum!”
Local peaches are just better. Period. They are sweeter. Tastier. Juicier. So much better than peaches from the grocery store that have been picked two weeks ago in another continent, trucked one million miles to your town, stored in a warehouse and then sitting on a pretty shelf for you to purchase. If you have never experienced a bite of a fresh peach still warm because it was just picked and has been basking in the sun, you are missing out my friend.

The fun part is figuring out what in the heck to do with all of them. (See below for the recipe for my Just Peachy Parfait)
It got me thinking about our relationship with food. Truly knowing where our food comes from. How it grows. How it is raised. I watched an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution one night and he was asking high school kids questions like, “Where does milk come from?” and “How are potatoes grown?” and so many kids truly did not know. So sad.

If I do anything right with Madilyn I hope it is teaching her about food. I am sure I will mess up plenty as a parent but I hope I get that right. I want her to experience what a peach is supposed to taste like.
We need to friend our food. We need to do a background check. You know you friend complete strangers on Facebook. You can friend food. It builds us. It gives us energy. It fuels us to do the things we love to do. It lets us chase our toddler around our yard. It allows us to have date nights. Make cooking a priority. Your mind will be blown. Hey, this recipe doesn’t even need a stove. It has only 5 ingredients. Nice. No excuses now.
Just Peachy Parfait
Serves 2
2 peaches, sliced
1/2 cup of granola (I used Owen’s Uncles granola. So good!)
1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt
sprinkle of cinnamon
drizzle of honey
Layer all the ingredients how you wish. I like to put parfaits in pretty clear glasses. It makes me feel classy. Whatever it takes these days! Enjoy.
You can do this too. Think you can’t?
What is your favorite peach recipe?

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  1. I LOVE local peaches! Last year I bought some for my Dad and he said that they were just OK. So the next week he bought some at Giant Eagle and he called to tell me how terrible they were. Didn’t realize how amazing the local ones were until he did a taste comparison! Now he asks me to buy him local ones all the time!

  2. Got some yesterday at the Farmer’s market… We can’t get enough of them this tme of year… Katelyn will eat a whole one herself!

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