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A note to my godson before his baptism.

On the two-year anniversary of my godson’s baptism, I want to honor him. Here is the note that I wrote to him before his special day. 
Below is my note to my godson before his baptism. My godson is my nephew, Mason. Becoming a godmother is a job that I take very seriously and I am so very honored!

Wow, being an aunt sure is different than being a mom, isn’t it? Less stress and anxiety that is for sure. It is so fun! Back in August, my sister, Jen, and her husband, Chris, asked me to be present in the operating room when they welcomed their second child into the world. Wow, was I honored. Since I have a pretty nice camera – yet, really don’t know how to use it! – Jen and I talked the nurse into letting me take pictures during the baby’s arrival. Such a fun experience and a day that I will never forget. To top it off, Jen and Chris asked me to be my nephew’s godmother. So very honored. This weekend, Mason is getting baptized. Here is my note to my godson before his baptism.

Dearest Mason,
As I write this, you are 9 months old. Seriously, when did that happen? Before we know it, you will be walking, talking and even chasing after your big sister! Your mom just texted me and said that she is taking you to your 9 month doctor’s appointment today. Time really is flying. I wonder how old you will be when you REALLY read this. Maybe when you are 6 years old. I can’t wait to see you grow up.
I highly doubt that you remember the first time you met me. You were a little busy being born and all. I sure do remember that moment very well. You were less than 10 minutes old. You were the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen. Your mommy and daddy asked me to be in the room with them and watch you enter into this world. I got to take lots of pictures of your parents, the nurses and even the cool equipment they have in there. It was a warm summer morning in August and the song “Happy” was playing on the speaker in the operating room. I whispered to your dad, “Listen to the song that is playing” and he smiled. Yes, it was a happy day and we both knew it. Your mom, well, she was pretty busy being really brave. More on that later.

I knew that we would have a special bond from that moment forward.
You see, I am the mama to two of your cousins, Madilyn and Juliana. Being a mama is so different than being an aunt and now a godmother. It is a different responsibility. With this role, I get to be someone older that you look up to, someone you call when you need someone to talk to, and someone to complain to when mommy and daddy tell you “No!” I am not responsible for the day-to-day tasks of taking care of you like listening to you cry, changing your dirty diapers and wondering how I am going to pay for your college. I get to just look at you and study your little fingers and toes and truly realize what a gift from God you are.
Here is how I see my job as your godmother – Spoil you with things you don’t really need; send you cards on holidays; buy you that drum set; let you stay up way past bedtime and be the “cool Aunt.”
Yet, more importantly my duties include helping you find faith and helping you to love the Catholic church. I don’t take this job lightly. Being spiritual is not always easy in today’s day and age and I can only wonder what it will be like when you are older and starting to wonder about God and faith and heaven. Trust in faith and remember what is truly important in life. There will be times when you question your faith, times when you will choose sleeping in instead of going to Sunday mass, and many times when you mess up and know that you need God in your corner. Be easy on yourself and look at each day as a new opportunity to do better and to strengthen your faith. In my opinion, my greatest job as your godmother is to always be someone you can talk to – no matter what. 

My best advice as your godmother? Follow your heart, always look to love and don’t take life too seriously. Learn about the world around you. Travel as much as you can. Study many religions, but, also, study animals and nature and people. Read books – a lot of them. Respect others. Listen to people. Always treat women well. Don’t be too busy. Love the quiet times (this is when you can listen to God). Read the Bible. Take care of yourself and ignore people that are not nice to you – it will happen. Remember that God made you exactly who He wanted you to be. Always remember that your mommy and daddy love you. They love you so very much – more than you will ever truly understand until you become a parent yourself. Be easy on them. They are not perfect. No one is. They are brave, strong and they love their family more than anything else – even Phish concerts. When they make you really mad, call me and we’ll work it out.
With so much love sweet boy,
Your godmother, Aunt Betsy

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