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Need some more sanity in your life – find healthy outlets. I am not talking about outlet shopping. However, that may help with mama sanity as well!
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I am referring to how the web defines the word “outlet” as a “means of release or satisfaction for an emotion or impulse.” It can be so hard to remember who you were and what you liked to do before becoming a mother. Before kids I used to paint, I would read books for fun, I would write and dream about all the places I want to travel to in the world! I realized the other day that I donʼt have to give all that up. I can still do these things. It may just look a little different now as a mother of two kids but I can still follow my dreams.
Outlets to Release Stress
For me, my major outlet for releasing stress is exercise, exercise and more exercise. Exercise does a mama body (and a mind) good. Once you get in the routine of exercising regularly, you crave it and you make it a priority.
Outlets for Creativity
So, I can still paint. It may be pictures of Elsa and Anna from Frozen but hey, at least I am painting again. Other outlets of creativity for me are writing my blog and redesigning my website. One inexpensive craft for yourself and your kiddos is buying blank canvases and letting yourself and the kids get creative. Frame them and you have instant and inexpensive art for your walls.
Outlets for Dreaming
Itʼs important to still have big dreams for yourself – and for your kiddos. Itʼs so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day activities that seem so monotonous and letʼs admit it – boring. I will ask Brian big questions all the time like, “What countries do you want to visit in the next 10 years?” and “What if we sold our house and moved to the beach?” I love to think about these dreams. Who knows, maybe they will become a reality someday. It’s important for us mamas to remember that we are more than just mom – we are a woman with dreams that go beyond Doc McStuffins.

Healthy outlets when motherhood is driving you bonkers:

  • Exercise – go to the gym, take a walk around the block, go to a yoga class, do a home exercise tape
  • Relax – after the kiddos go to bed take a long, hot bubble bath with a glass of wine (add a few drops of lavender oil to the bath for extra relaxation!)
  • Creativity – take a painting class, do something crafty for your home, start a blog
  • Dream – keep things in perspective and remind yourself that this is just a stage – the kids are growing up more and more every day!

What are your healthy outlets? 
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