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Best gift ideas for a mom

A good friend of mine just had her third child and I was wondering, what are the best gift ideas for a mom? Instead of bringing her another baby outfit as a gift, I decided on a gift that I bet all moms really want – one that will bring a little sanity into her life.
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So, what are the best gift ideas for a mom? Here are my top 10 favorites:
1. Food. Yes, bring your mom friends food. Real food. I bet she would really appreciate food for her kiddos too. A bag of grapes already cut in half. A bowl of cherries that have been cleaned. A bowl of fruit salad. Cut up veggies and homemade hummus. A dozen oatmeal chocolate chip lactation cookies for a nursing mama to snack on. Prepared pumpkin pancakes that she can pop into the toaster and warm up for breakfast the next day. Us mamas love food and we love it even more when it is prepared for us!
2. A date with the hubby. Every marriage benefits from alone time and time without kiddos can be hard to come by. Treat your girlfriend who is a mama with a date night for her and her husband. Watch their kiddos for them! Bring your kids to their house, order pizza, watch a movie, let all the kiddos play together and give your friend and her hubby a night out. You will be the coolest friend ever. Like ever. Gift her The Little Black Book of Fun Dates. Love this book for fun ideas!
3. A maid service for a day. Find a friend who cleans houses and treat your mama friend to a house cleaning service for a day. I have a couple of friends who are stay-at-home moms and clean houses for extra money. I was surprised how affordable it really is! A clean house makes for a happy mama, right?
4. A night out with girlfriends. Call your mama friend’s hubby and get him to watch their kids one night. Ask your hubby to watch your kiddos that same night. Organize a surprise girls night out. So darn fun! I bet your friend will be so happy and so thankful for some girl talk and a few adult beverages!
5. An empty house for a night. Call your mama friend’s hubby and get him to take their kiddos out of the house for a couple hours one night. Organize a quiet night for your mama friend – new bath salts, a relaxing CD, a bottle of wine and maybe a new book or magazine. Heck, she can even use the restroom ALONE!
6. A giftcard for photo books. I am totally addicted to making these memory books of my girls. My favorite is Social Print Studio that I can print right from Instagram. I asked some of my best girlfriends and they LOVE when then get gift cards to make these books. Memories that will last a lifetime!
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7. Spa services and/or a gym membership. My gym has a spa right in the same location. I know, I have a tough life! I just love getting gift cards for a massage or for a mani/pedi. Some gyms even offer gift cards for so many visits to a gym. I know how much exercise keeps me sane as a new mama. Spread the love and give the gift of self care to a mama you know who needs it.
8. Photography session. A girlfriend of mine gave me a gift card for a photography sitting fee when Madilyn was first born. It was so nice to be able to schedule photos and not have to worry about paying for it! Go in with some other girlfriends and buy your new mama friend a gift card for a family portrait. If you live in PA, check out All Heart Photo and Video and mention BMoore Healthy for 10% off.
9. Surprise visit with coffee. Any friend who shows up with coffee is a bestie in my book! Even better is a girlfriend who comes over and wants to see how mama is doing, wants to talk, and truly cares. It is so easy to let go of friendships when us mamas are busy taking care of kiddos. However, friendships are crucial to mama sanity. Invest in them!
10. Trusted childcare. In today’s world, it is scary to leave our kiddos with anyone unless you truly trust the childcare. We are blessed because we have two sets of grandparents that literally fight over watching our girls. I know, however, that some of my girlfriends do not have that luxury. Help your girlfriends with kids find trusted childcare – even if it means YOU coming over and watching her kids and letting her go to the grocery store alone! I bet she would take that trip any day over another baby outfit!
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  1. I love these ideas! And the fact that my friends have done a few of them reminds me even more how blessed I am to have such amazing mama-friends in my life! We need some great conversation, a warm banana muffin, a coffee and a hug like every day as a new mama! xoxo

    1. Totally! I was not expecting to feel so darn lonely as a mama. I mean, I am around 2 little people all day but I just crave adult interaction and conversation.

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